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Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam

Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam

Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam

The Fitness Industry in Amsterdam is booming these days. There are new best boutique fitness studios opening on every corner in Amsterdam and making the city a great place to live and to work out. That being said, there are a few gyms and studios that definitely stand out if you are looking for the best place in Amsterdam to leave some sweat behind!

There are new boutique studios opening on every corner and making the city a great place to live and to work out.

Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam


Core40 Amsterdam

There’s no other studio that delivers a low-impact and high-intensity workout the way the Core40 does. It’s a first studio that brought the original Lagree method on Megaformers to Amsterdam and let me tell you this machine is no joke! It makes you sweat, shake, and burn every single muscle of your body. Core40 not only combines an effective workout but their innovative method also combines a unique mindfulness element into each class. They believe the mind is inextricably connected to the body.

Strong body + a Strong mind = an Epic life.

Core40 guarantees revolutionary, life-changing, transformational experience, so you better give it a try! Central Location. (7 more locations in San Francisco, USA)


Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam


Saint and Stars Gym

this new gym will make your heart pump 1000 beats through their 1-hour drill workouts which combine treadmills, weight-lifting, and boxing. Commit to 2-3 times per week, and there is no way you won’t walk away toned and stronger than ever. Just remember, no matter how tough the class feels at the moment, you can do it! And if you set yourself a 3-month goal, the results are guaranteed!


Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam


Studio Anna Mora

is the longest open Pilates Studio in Amsterdam! Many clients love this studio because it offers a large variety of classes – from all types of Pilates classes (Mat, Reformer, Oov, Springboards, etc), to more strenuous workouts like Jumping Fitness (Trampolines), TRX training, and Barre – this studio has it all.

Fitness fanatics will find it easy to stay here all day long, sweating their ass off in one of the cardio workouts and working out any aches and pains in Pilates after!

Central Location.


Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam



is a first studio that brought the cool NYC and LA workouts on Megaformers to Europe. And they are killing it!! Their 50min workouts are a mix of Pilates and intense body shape class. You will without a doubt feel every single muscle working during and AFTER the workout! It’s
intense, it’s fun, and it’s definitely one of the hottest work out places to go to in Amsterdam!

Three locations in Oud-west and Oud-Zuid and in Oost.



Live Yoga Studio

is located in the East of Amsterdam and is the coziest studio I’ve been to! From the moment you walk in, you will feel warm and welcome, and this feeling stays with you throughout the Yoga and Pilates classes they offer. If you are looking for a place that feels like home, good vibes, and a community feeling, you will definitely want to check out this awesome yoga studio!

Location in Amsterdam Oost.


Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam


Studio 191

one of the chicest studios you can find in Amsterdam is definitely Studio 191. And it’s not just the decor of the studio which will have you coming back again and again! 191 offers tons of kick-ass and booty-shaping barre classes, sculpting core and power pilates and surfboard classes, HIIT, and of course, yoga to balance everything out!

Two beautiful locations in Oud-West and De Pijp and a new Yoga Studio – The Cosmos (Yoga studio) just opened this week in West.


Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam


Studio Pilates 13

is a new and modern pilates studio that offers group training on the Pilates reformers. There are only 4 reformers in Oud-Zuid location, and the new location in De Pijp is slightly larger with 7 reformers. Clients love Pilates 13 for the small class sizes, private attention, and top instruction. The personal feedback means you work in your best alignment and can get the most benefit from each workout. Sign up for the advanced or hardcore class, and you will get a killer workout.

Pilates 13 brought a new way of looking at Pilates to Amsterdam. Whether you are dealing with an injury, pregnancy, or an athlete/avid sporter looking to add in some vigorous and challenging cross-training to your existing workout regimen, there is a great workout waiting for you!

Two locations in Oud-Zuid and De Pijp.



High Studios

3 locations in the city and the best beat-based 45-min cardio and strength-building workout in town.  The classes are designed to help your body burn up to 1.000 calories per class. You’ll run on a non-motorized treadmill and do strength training, broken into rounds so perfect if you want to slim down and get in shape.



Hope Best Boutique Fitness Studios In Amsterdam blog got you inspired and are ready to get in shape!!

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