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New York City

This city has one of the most intense energies in the world - it is constantly pulsing with life and the feeling of anticipation. Walking down the street or sitting in a cafe, one minute you might be interacting with a poor street performer, and the next thing you know a celebrity will stroll past. It’s a place where everyone gathers, anything can happen and nothing should surprise you.

New York

New York City is often described as a melting pot, and there is no better way to depict it – here you will find people from all cultures, people from all professions, and people from all walks of life.

While the city has a distinct aristocratic layer – think Fifth Avenue and penthouse luxury – even those less well off can roam the city, mingling and ever pursuing their dreams. The city, though luxurious, also vibes with the feeling of opportunity. Here you know anything can happen, and you feel like you are on the verge of a breakthrough – artists have the chance of being discovered and becoming the next Banksy, actors have the chance to ace their next audition and become a Broadway star, businessmen feel the pull of Wall Street – here is where the ‘American Dream’ is truly embodied.

This is a city where reality altered – it is not a city for the slow-paced or those interested in finding a soft ideal of love and settledness. This city is too fast – anyone living here is constantly on the go, chasing their dreams, working hard to keep up with the skyrocketing rent, or just on the go in the metro (it’s true – the New York metro is notorious for it’s horrid delays – you’re riding an hour for a trip that should take 20 minutes….). This city is for the fast-paced and ambitious at heart. It is a city you will either love or hate, there is no inbetween. 

NYC Travel Tip:

If you are planning to visit New York City on vacation, no amount of time is enough to truly know the city. Whether you are here for a week, a month, a year, or even years, the city will always have some new secret left for you to discover. Because this city is ever-living and ever-changing, I do not recommend it for travelers that suffer from ‘FOMO’ (the fear of missing out) – you will never satisfy your desire to know the city inside and out. 

To Manhattan – The Island that makes New York City, New York City. 

Manhattan, is most truly the heart of the melting pot. Located in the uptown area you will find Harlem, the historically African American area of the city. Its character and inherent coolness will fascinate you, and leave you wanting to learn more. 

The Upper East and West sides are where you will find museums and nature – Central Park is here, with its beautiful spot of greenery is the sea of concrete. 

42nd street knows as Time square will launch you back to the present and bring you back to life with its endless hustle and bustle. This is the square we think of when we picture the ‘city that never sleeps.’ Near by you will find the famous Macy’s department store, the famous Flatiron building, and Broadway with the lights and glam, and Fifth Avenue with its luxury. On your way out of the center of Manhattan to the surrounding quarters, you’ll also want to stop at the renowned Empire State Building, to see if you get lucky and can catch the unforgettable view from the top on a clear day, and 


Cool Quarters in NYC

Chelsey is an area of the city known for its LGBT+ community. Here you’ll find gay bars, drag shows, and lots of fun. 

The Soho neighborhood of lower Manhattan brings you artists’ lofts and luxury. The lower east side of Manhattan in general is a hipster area full of chic bars and epic nightlife. 

The West Village, a meatpacking district, will bring you back to Europe with its architecture and atmosphere – at night here you should don your best clothes and head out to the rooftop clubs, where you will find ritzy pool parties featuring expensive champagne and elite guest lists. 

I don’t think I need to explain what’s happening on world-known Wall Street. Many visitors head to Lower Manhattan to see famous NY Stock Exchange, “Fearless Girl” statue, which used to stand facing the Charging Bull statue and now a Freedom Tower, a memorial standing in the place of the Twin Towers. 

What else:

Brooklyn has many hidden gems. You can find beautiful brownstone buildings and the gorgeous prospect park that give Brooklyn a unique vibe. Brooklyn is also home to the famous Coney Island – truthfully it is a rather off putting place full of rusting rides, but if you need an escape from the city center it offers an interesting place to check out. 

There is also the Bronx, which is a Latino area (predominantly Puerto Rican), Queens, and a quick ride on the subway that goes under the Hudson River (yes, the river where they once landed a plane!) and you’re in a whole new state – New Jersey!

And of course I can’t talk about NYC without talking about the legendary green lady herself – the Statue of Liberty! When you are in Manhattan you can head down to the water’s edge and catch a ferry to view the Statue of Liberty. Both the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are important symbols of America, and represent the people who emigrated to a new country and built the great city of New York. 


New York State of Mind

This city offers endless opportunities and experiences. You can try the best restaurant in Manhattan one night, and the next head to a food truck hipster dive for burritos and the best margaritas in the world. No matter what your taste, you can find it in NYC. For sports experiences, the city also does not lack in choice. Check out the NBA, the Yankees, the Mets… For the theatre buffs you can catch the latest hit on Broadway, or a lesser-known play off-Broadway. You can see the city from a bird’s eye view from the Empire State Building, or enjoy things from the ground at a slower pace than usual by walking around Rockefeller Center, through Central Park, around the piers in West Village or Dumbo. Shopaholics find paradise in this city, with choices from the high-end Fifth Avenue to smaller boutiques scattered around the city. Fitness lovers can check out some of the best gyms in the world. Dancers can go twirl in salsa clubs, or for the more riské among us you can check out the underground burlesque clubs where dancers dance intoxicatingly and sirens sing… From expensive to free, mainstream to underground, this city has so many things to see, to do, to experience all year round. 

Cool Fact:

New York City is a stressful city, but a rounded city – pushing you to the top and offering you chances to expand your horizons. I won’t lie, as I write this I miss the chaos, the roar, and the stress of the city. After 9 years here I consider myself a New Yorker, and New York will stay with me forever even when I am far away… And I am sure your visit to NYC will leave you with something too! After one visit you will want to return again and again to attempt to experience everything this city has to offer. New York is like a drug, and you will never be able to get enough. 


So, have you been dreaming of visiting the ‘city that never sleeps?’ Do you long to experience the sights and smells of Manhattan, dance in time square, feel the flow of the NY boroughs, walk the iconic Brooklyn Bridge, and more? If so, give me a shout and we will plan the trip of a lifetime – complete with my insider tips on life in the Big Apple, ensuring your itinerary will be the best possible! 

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