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New Zealand

New Zealand - land of the Hobbit and Lord of the Ring fantasies located at the end of the world. This paradise, lined with its beautiful and untouched nature, is the light of the southeastern South Pacific. New Zealand is actually made of a scattered group of islands, with the two largest parts of the nation being the north and south islands, which are then surrounded by about 600 other mini islands.

New Zealand as a Whole

New Zealanders – extremely nice, neighborly, and helpful people – are generally sports fanatics (favourites being surfing, mountain hiking/climbing, cycling, skiing, and golfing). As such, when I was lucky enough to teach Pilates here, the locals were eager to join in. In general, most of the local tourists are eager for an active holiday. As one would expect, then, New Zealand is a country of adrenaline sports – In fact, it was a New Zealander that made bungee jumping the sport it is today!

If you’re looking to head to New Zealand for a longer stay, you’re in luck. It is one of the countries in the world that is very happy to welcome new, young, and capable people. This means you won’t have to worry about jumping through too many bureaucratic hoops before you have your work visa in your hand, and your adventure in New Zealand set to begin. 

Life in New Zealand, to put it simply, is divine. Picturesque beaches, dolphins (!!!), and the wild sea that seems to whisper to you, “Grab your board and join that group of gorgeous, talented surfers!”

What Not to Miss in New Zealand

Auckland is a city with a busy harbour, is home to the Sky Tower, and has some incredible Maori artifacts in its museum. 

Wellington has more of a hipster vibe, which (to me at least) resembles San Francisco at first glance. In addition to the city, you can catch sight of some sunbathing and squinting seals here. 

Taupo (a town and lake in the middle of the north island) is a must-visit for the adrenaline junkies. If bungee jumping is a bit too boring for you, here you can step it up and go skydiving – and for even more excitement you can jump over the legendary volcano Mt. Doom aka Mt. Ngauruhoe (the famous mountain featured in the Lord of the Rings). 

Piha Beach (surfer’s paradise) is a stunning beach with iconic black sand. It is located 40km from Auckland on the west coast of the Waitakere Ranges, and is surrounded by a dramatic landscape of rocks and subtropical rainforests. 

New Zealand’s mountains literally encourage treks where you (usually) won’t meet another soul – except for those cute sheep! The waterfalls are also worth seeing, and the caves are crawling with some must-see worms (they glow in the dark!). You can also try rafting on a wild river, or enjoy the geothermal area from a small town that smells non-stop. You will meet bouncing, half-naked Maori with tattooed faces, who are frowning (with their tongue out). 


What Else to See

Across the entire southern island you can see one mountain towering after another (the Southern Alps) – the most powerful of them is Mt. Cook (Aoraki). You can embark on a number of treks, with destinations such as Milford Sound, the beautiful fjords. Another popular destination brings you down as south as possible, where you can spot penguins and see the Southern lights in the winter. And when it’s a clear day you can even take a helicopter ride to the top of a glacier. Truly unforgettable! 

On the northern side of the south island is Abel Tasman National Park. A long-distance trail through the park will lead you through golden-sand beaches. This is an excellent place for jumping, or tracking dolphins and whales. Kaikōuraje is a city on the east coast of the south island, from which you can see sperm whales – the rarest whales in the world. 

Queenstown is probably the busiest and most popping party city in all of New Zealand. It is situated in the middle of mountains and lakes, so the scenery surrounding it is unbelievable. During the winter this city is frequented by skiers and snowboarders, and during the summer by trekkers, cyclists, and other adventure-seekers. 

Wanaka is about an hour from Queenstown. It is a very laid-back city that sits between mountains and next to a lake. Here you will find the famous ‘wanaka tree,’ which rises from the lake and is (rightly) dubbed a hotspot for photographers and instagrammers. 


Fun Fact:

Even though I could spend all day writing verses about the beauty of New Zealand, my final ‘juicy’ tip for you is to try the New Zealand kiwi – Yum! 


So, do you want to see this mythical (but uncorrupted) land of dreams with your own eyes? Are you yearning to marvel at New Zealand’s civilisation and lush and untouched nature, and admire the playful dolphins, tanned surfers, and endless beauty? Get in touch for the lowdown and secret tips to make your trip itinerary the best possible!

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