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The Philippines, a nation of scattered islands in Southeast Asia, is the largest archipelago state in the world (with just over 7,000 islands). The individual islands offer breathtaking scenery of mountain ranges and tropical forests, and picturesque beaches where mature palms bend over untouched beaches that are lined by a turquoise sea. There are remote islands without a soul to be seen on their banks, 2,000-year-old rice terraces deep in the mountians, unmatched trekking routes through unspoilt nature, towering volcanoes, roaring waterfalls, impressive karst caves… Simply put, it is paradise on Earth.

The Philippines 

The Philippines is a nation shaped by the influence of the Spanish, Americans, and Chinese. Thanks to this, it is the only country in Southeast Asia where English is spoken almost perfectly, without a trace of a foreign accent (especially in the capital Manila). Here you will also get to use the Philippine peso for payments. 

Vegetarian diners won’t be too pleased here, however. Philippino cuisine revolves around fresh meat – you’ll even find it in salads, so it’s pretty tough to escape! 

What to see in the Philippines 

The Philippines offers an endless supply of spectacles and experiences. For example, you can dive with whale sharks (a creature that can reach up to 9 meters in length – swimming alongside these massive sea beasts is a divine experience). Another local animal you can check out while visiting is the mini-Tarsier, the world’s smallest (and cutest) monkey. You can see them on a trip to their home on the island of Bohol (one of the Visayas in the central region of the Philippines). 

You can also check out the Chocolate Hills on the same island (uhhh… I’ll explain…). It is a geological formation consisting of at least 1,260 hills covered by green grass – the grass turns a brownish chocolate color during the dry season, hence the creative name! 

Where else to check out

The Philippines also offers sights of the breathtaking (!!!) sunsets on the island of Siquijor (an island in the Bohol Sea), which is famous for the incredible colors of its evening skies. Fantastic waterfalls can also be seen/visited on the island of Cebu (located in the central part of the Philippines). Yet another island, Coron, offers boat trips to crystalline lagoons hidden in karst caves. 

The islands of Palawan and Boracay, on the other hand, are perfect for the seasoned beach-bum. They offer strikingly beautiful white sand beaches that are ideal for lounging. On the island of Panay, you can experience a local tradition of taking a flower bath in a massive cauldron. This is considered a local wellness specialty. From there, it is just a stone’s throw over to the Mussel Islands. Plenty of tiny shells line the beaches here, and of course mussels make up a big part of the local cuisine. If you stop by, definitely indulge in a mussels burger (it’s delicious!). 

One more thing I can’t leave unmentioned are the 2000-year-old rice terraces on the island of Luzon. You can visit them through a 2 to 3 day trek that offers incredible views. During the trek you will also get to spend nights with locals in the villages, and in the end you can take a look at some of the unique burial places on the island as well. 


Cool Facts: 

Fun Fact One: You can find some very interesting forms of transportation in the Philippines – everything from taxis and motorbikes to ferries and planes. You can find anything from the fiercely luxurious to the truly adventurous ways to get around. For example, if you can transfer from Coron island to Panay in a little boat, on which you can enjoy some freshly caught and deliciously grilled fish during the journey. 

Fun Fact Two: Personally, it is a land of colours – from the alternating green of the palms to the bluish tones of the pristine water, to pinkish tones of sunsets, to full rainbow of the natural scene.


So, do you want to experience the Philippines first-hand – feel the wind playing through the swaying palm trees, marvel at the blue seas and pink sunsets, smell the delicious cuisine, and experience the landscape where waterfalls roar, rice terraces sprawl, and volcanoes tower? Give me a shout, and I will help you plan a vacation in the Philippines that will take your breath away. I’ll give you my hot insider tips for your trip, lay out your itinerary, plan your budget, and more. It’ll be very worth your while! 

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