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Beating the Covid Blues

While traveling is an integral part of both my personal and professional life, and a passion I love to share with budding explorers, the current situation has put this on hold. We need and should stay home and social distanced to stay safe. We could sit and be sad about our situation, but I prefer to remain positive, and I hope that you do too! This is not forever, though - it is simply a small break in the greater scheme of life. Use this time to prepare yourself - finish off old projects, do some research and get hyped! That way, as soon as we get the all-clear, you can hit the ground running for the adventure of a lifetime. And this world has lots to offer...


Do you plan to conquer the world and try to delve into the world of ‘real’ travel without the aid of a travel agency? Would you like to have someone on hand who could help you plan out a tailor-made holiday, including finding the best tickets and accommodation, planning a complete itinerary, and offering off the beaten path activities and day-trips that you won’t find on a map or typical travel agency catalogue? Then Martina Move is the service for you! Martina Move is an online travel consultant (aka virtual advice guru) that will help boost your self-confidence in travel, and set you off on the trip of a lifetime!

My Offers



I will be your mentor, coordinator, and planner. I will prepare a complete tailor-made travel plan or detailed itinerary based on your unique needs and preferences for you. I will hunt for the best flights, sniff out the cheapest accommodation, recommend must-see places at your destination, and warn you about any tourist traps to avoid. Once I have everything set, I will compile all the information in an easy to pack and easy to follow guide to ensure your trip goes exactly to plan. Want to know more? Detailed information about my travel services can be found right here ↓



In addition to being the creator of your tailor-made holiday, you also have the option of hiring me to be your personal guide and faithful travel partner. This option is perfect for anyone that wants to have an experienced travel-buddy or on-call coordinator with you in person every step of the trip. With this option I will be your personal guide every step of the way on your vacation, making sure everything goes just as you want it. We can travel as a pair, a group of three, or with a whole family/group! How we go is up to you, and as your one-on-one guide I’ll be able to make sure your trip is the best possible.

How does a consultation work?




or Quick Consultation

  • I will answer one major travel question (a separate, short question is free)
  • We will clarify the what’s and how’s
  • We will decide what services are best suited for your wishes and needs
  • We will establish our communication channel (mail, telephone, Skype, etc.) and how we will proceed
  • This service will take about 30 minutes
  • I will offer some advice specifically for your situation




or ‘Ask When You Want’

  • I will help arrange the details of one service you are unsure of how to manage, such as: ↓
  • Arranging travel tickets according to your needs/preferences (top price, speed, few/many stops, etc.)
  • Finding the best accommodation tailored to your preferred budget/comfort level (hotel, resort, bungalow, hostel, etc.)
  • Working out a travel itinerary ideal for your length of stay
  • Help with the purchase or reservation of specific services
  • Note: The price is valid only for one of the listed services.




or Travel Plan Package

  • I will work out a complete itinerary for your trip
  • I will arrange top tickets and accommodation, and transfers
  • I will calculate your travel budget, and can offer suggestions on how to reduce it if desired
  • The detailed itinerary includes a complete program and travel tips on what to see/do and what to avoid
  • This package is great for solo trips (2 weeks or more)
  • Main advantages: Saving time and money, gaining self-confidence, and ensuring the success of your trip.

how we connect

If you are interested in any of my services, please send me an email with preliminary information – including what destinations you are interested in and what type of trip you are looking for (e.g. cultural, adventure, leisure, etc.). Following this, I will send you a short questionnaire to verify additional details and confirm our cooperation. Once confirmed, we will settle final details and get you off on the trip of your dreams!

Who are my services for?


Singles or Free-spirits without travel partners.


Couples looking for romance and peaceful luxury or adventure holidays


Family holidays perfect for children of all ages (even the hardest to please teenagers)


World-conquerors, globetrotters, and adrenaline junkies


Athletes of all callings - Mountaineers, yogis, divers, surfers, etc.


Fans of natural wellness, peace, relaxation, and regeneration à la drinks, sun and sea


Adventurous or relaxed groups looking for fun for many


Companies interested in traveling for team building for their employees or customers


Where to?

I specialise in countries that I know personally, or have previously lived in. Thanks to my wide range of world travels, transfers from place to place, hundreds of thousands of air miles, countless pairs of well-worn shoes, contacts with locals in countries around the globe, I’m your go to girl to plan your vacation… I am also happy and equipped to arrange incredible trips to countries I have not yet explored. So, where are you off to?

Why my services are simply the best?

  •  I will do lengthy research for every travel request, and make sure everything is exactly as you want it. I like to go the extra mile for my customers.
  • I take into account every detail – including the budget. I provide you with detailed suggestions for day to day spending, with the option of adjusting everything to your specific needs.
  • My travel plans are completely comprehensive – I make sure you have all the information you need compiled in an easy to understand way, and packed for convenience in travel. With my tips it will be like I’m there for you every step of the way, showing you where to go next, where you’ll be accommodated, where to eat, the day’s activities, etc. all the way to the finish line!
  • I offer recommendations for numerous cool places to visit on your trip, places so off the beaten track that even Wikipedia doesn’t know about them!
  • I am able to arrange any extra services you may need during your trip – including but not limited to drivers, in-person tour guides, lecturers, masseuse therapists, etc.
  • TIme is money. And I save you plenty ;). I will use my expertise to compare prices and offer you only the best deals.
  • I will be your reliable mediator, mentor and partner – before, during and after your journey. I will be with you every step of the way!
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