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4 Tips to Staying True to You as a Mature Woman

Ageless Empowerment for Mature Women

Empowerment is Ageless… It’s never too late to focus just on you! In this blog post you will find 4 tips to staying true to you as a seasoned woman by staying active, staying involved, staying curious, and staying adventurous!

Ageless Empowerment for Mature Women

Women have a lot of expectations heaped upon them by society – more so the older we get. From the expectation of being a universal caregiver to the stringent ideals society attempts to enforce regarding the way a woman should act/dress/behave/be – it is a lot of pressure to deal with.

We are constantly straining against the boxes others would force us into. This is where the idea of female empowerment grows – it is the task of being unapologetically us, and embracing the fact that ‘womanhood’ or the ‘empowered woman’ are not one-size-fits-all arrangements. They are unique and individual ideas, and beautiful because of that. Another thing that some women feel, is that as they get older they are unable to unapologetically become them.

They may think that this ‘empowerment’ movement is for a younger generation. This cannot be further from the truth. In reality, empowerment is ageless – it’s never too late to focus on you. So, remember! Empowerment is Ageless… And here are 4 tips to staying true to you as a mature woman… 


Empowerment is Ageless

Luckily, the idea of empowering women of all ages to invest in themselves – reclaiming their independent identities and building their confidence – is on the rise.

Empowerment as an ageless concept is something that should be further promoted in society. Far too often women restrict themselves based on their age, thus resulting in stagnation of their happiness and stunting of their potential.

Luckily, the idea of empowering women of all ages to invest in themselves – reclaiming their independent identities and building their confidence – is on the rise.

Having spoken to some ‘mature’ women who have reclaimed their independence post-parenthood, post-ended relationships, and post-retirement, here are some things that are integral to re-learning how to be there for yourself and put yourself first:

Ageless Empowerment for Seasoned Women


1. Stay Active

Movement is a key component to having a physically and mentally healthy life. As we get older, it can be easy to make excuses and fall into a rut of bad habits – unhealthy eating, not moving enough, etc. The simple fact of the matter is, if you don’t use it you lose it, and that is so true when it comes to our physical abilities as we age. Now, you may be thinking “there is no way I am going to turn into a gym-buff.”


Female Empowering Tips


Ideas to stay active:

Movement isn’t just the extremes! Movement can be as simple as stretching for 5 minutes in the morning and before bed, and making a conscious effort to go on a short walk once a day. It could be investing in a fitness class – pilates, yoga, Lagree etc. – that you’ve been dying to try out, or hiring a wellness coach.

It could be joining a hiking group a couple times a week, switching things up to bike or walk to errands on nice days, or following some simple Youtube at-home work out tutorials a couple times a week.

Movement should be fun – it should engage your mind as much as it engages your body and bring you joy. There are so many options out there, so find what appeals to you. Even a simple addition of 15+ minutes of movement a day will have a dramatic impact on your mindset. So, move it, don’t lose it! 



2. Stay Involved 

Another complaint many have as they age is a disconnect – a disconnect from the younger generations, a disconnect from trends (in fashion, fads, technology, etc.), and even a disconnect from those around them.

I mean, let’s face it, life gets busy! It can be tough to keep up with the fast pace of society in the face of all our obligations, and before we know it we’ve lost touch with what’s going on in the wider world. One of the benefits of age is the ability to reset at various moments in our life. We go through transitions, and at each phase we can take a moment to pause and adjust to a new path. For more mature women, this transition may come at the point the kiddos fly the coop, or at the point of retirement from a fulfilling career, etc.

While some may be momentarily lost following these big life shifts, we should really look at it as a gift: We have finished a phase in life, and now it’s time to focus on us! So, dive in!


4 tips for middle aged women


Ideas to get involved:

Check out YouTube tutorials on the latest technology, dive into fashion and reinvent your wardrobe, invest into your wellbeing, join a charity organisation to give back to your community and meet new friends, fall down that rabbit-hole of videos full of information on a long-lost passion, or jump into a wellness program that gives you the tools to change your mindset and achieve a complete personal transformation. Engage your brain, embrace your community, and find a path that makes you excited to jump out of bed every day! 

Engage your brain, embrace your community, and find a path that makes you excited to jump out of bed every day! 


3. Stay Curious 

One of the things that makes childhood so lovely is the innate curiosity that drives kids to explore the world around them. Honestly, sometimes that curiosity is drowned out by the hum-drum pace of adult life.

Now, with the internet and so many resources at our fingertips, it is easier than ever to tap back into that innate curiosity that drives humankind. This is especially useful for the mature woman who is ready to rediscover the world around her.


Mature Empowered Woman


Ideas to stay curious:

Evening classes at the local university or an online courses on Coursera offer interesting routes into fields of study you always dreamed of pursuing, YouTube videos unlock new worlds of hobbies and fandoms for you to enjoy, Instagram inspo accounts suggest new and fun ideas to incorporate in your day-to-day life, and local societies – photography, DIY, creative writing, motorbiking, stargazing, hiking, nature survival, sewing (yup, the old school hobby is becoming more and more alive to promote sustainability), etc. – offer community-driven ways to delve into niche exploration of the world around you.

Curiosity drives passion, and passion is what gives life its spice! 


4. Stay Adventurous 

“Adventure is out there!” – Disney’s UP – If you haven’t seen this movie, check it out – it basically summarizes what I’m getting at here. Many of us have dreams of seeing far-off places, or hanging out on tropical beaches, or exploring the niche destinations in our own nations.

But, again, life gets busy and we just put it off, until at some point we forget that passion for adventure that once shone within. Even when we get our time back, often we find other excuses – oh, I’m not fit enough to go, oh I don’t have the funds, oh it’s just too far, I don’t know where to start…

It’s time to drop that nay-saying attitude and put on your adventure hat. There are SO MANY avenues to unlock the world around you – no matter what your status or budget!


4 Tips to Staying True to You as a well-seasoned woman


Ideas to get inspired:

My own mother plans to spend her retirement exploring the world through work-aways, trips typically enjoyed by students, but open for anyone of any age! Work away trips offer a budget-friendly way to explore the world while being immersed in the local community and giving back! If you’re not up for long-haul travel right away, start smaller.

There are so many incredible places in your own backyard to explore. Focus first on getting out there – go walk a nature trail you’ve passed by but never explored, try camping at the local park for the weekend – then work on building your confidence and stamina for travels further.

And if you need an extra hand boosting your confidence or planning your trip, consider checking out a travel consultancy with someone who has already taken that lead exploring the world to provide you with the support you need! No matter what, when or where, adventure really is out there. 


Empowerment is ageless summary: 

These tips are just a few important factors that contribute to living an empowered life. As women, we spend our lives dealing with expectations. It is time we buck the stigma enforced on us and put our passions first. So, remember: stay active, stay involved, stay curious and stay adventurous! And never forget that empowerment is ageless!

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