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Martina Move

Work can wait, life cannot.

The World is Small… it is perfect for big travel. I am Martina, a seasoned adventurer and fitness coach. I have been traveling the world for the past 14 years, touching down here and there to experience all the globe has to offer (9 years in NYC, 4 in Amsterdam, 1 in Southeast Asia and New Zealand and now in Doha). I am not a typical travel agent or master entertainer - rather I offer travel as a lifestyle. So, if you would like to see the world for yourself rather than just through a screen or from the terrace of a 5-star all-inclusive resort, I am here for you. I will tailor-make your holiday, offer individual advice, and make traveling a breeze - As your consultant I will put together your itinerary, plan and book everything, and can even be your personal travel guide and partner. Want to know more?

What I Offer & Who I Can Be

My travel services are diverse and varied. I am actually three-in-one: An advisor, a consultant, and a travel partner. So, which role fits your needs the most?




Giver of golden advice – tips on where to holiday, where to stay, what not to miss, what to skip, how to get around, where to buy the best tickets… 




Offers information from verified and personal sources; Can handle anything – including what you don’t want to; From flights and accommodation to a complete travel itinerary.  




Will prepare everything needed for the trip, then embark on the journey with you. Will be your advisor, guide, negotiator, travel partner, and even personal trainer.

breaking free

Travel Inspiration

These past couple of months have been tough for travel. We need to stay home to help fight covid-19, but never fear! Now is the time to get prepared and be inspired so you can be ready to hit the ground running when it is safe to travel! Check out my blog for some travel inspo.

My tips on where to holiday

Can’t decide? Can’t figure out what destination is calling out to you? Watch, get inspired, and let yourself be guided. Here you will find my best and hottest tips.

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